Pizza is a favorite food for many Americans. Almost everybody loves pepperoni pizza. And cheese pizza? Kids go bunkers over cheese pizza. There aren’t too many things better than pizza, other than owning a pizza shop. That’s right. I’m a pizza shop owner. I not only eat pizza I also serve it for a profit.

Let me tell you that trying to make a living selling pizza is a fun, exciting and even glamorous job. However, owning a pizza shop can be tough and extremely challenging at times.

When I first opened up my local pizza business it was a difficult process. I had to secure a location, make sure that I had the right type of equipment and more importantly, I had to sell the best pizza pie that I could. But, I’ll talk more about that in a minute.

How I Purchased My Pizza Restaurant

I had the financial resources that I needed to secure a location and start my business; but I ended up paying way more than what I expected to secure the place. So, I had to do what most entrepreneurs do to get their own business; I took out a loan. Well, I took out quite a few loans. Hey, I did not have a choice. It’s true what they say – it takes money to make money. And when you need to open a business then you need to have a lot of money at your disposal. Why? Because there is always going to be a hidden expense or something is going to be way more expensive than what you planned to pay for it.

Pizza Place Location

Speaking of plans, I had to make a business plan. My business plan was great. It helped to steer me in the right direction with how to establish and set up my business. It was a pain to create a business plan, but if you do not have one, you will be hard pressed to get a loan or to figure out a ballpark income amount that you will need to start your enterprise.

The Best Pizza Place In Town

Now, back to the product. If you are going into business to sell a pizza; then you better make a pizza pie that people are going to want to eat. The bottom line is that there is a lot of competition when it comes to pizza. Places such as Donato’s, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Papa Johns dominate the pizza landscape. These fast food chain pizza shops are the most dangerous in the business.

The fact is that people are familiar with their product and they like to eat it. If they didn’t, then these fast food chains would have been out of business a long time ago. Also, there are a ton of fast food pizza shops everywhere. Some cities such as New York could have well over 200 Pizza Hut shops spread out all over their metropolitan area. These pizza places also provided pizza delivery which is another thing that I had to deal with.

The point is fast food pizza shops are established because they have a great product. If I want to start getting people to eat my pizza, I’m going to have to compete against them by making a better product. That is not an easy thing to do. I had to come up with a pie that was different but still appealed to the masses.

Other Local Pizza Delivery Places

Keep in mind that there local pizza shops who have been in business longer than me all listed on the local pizza restaurant directory. They created their own unique pizza pies and have been doing well enough to keep their doors open for years. So, I had to figure out how I would be able to compete with those guys. That’s when I realized I had to do something more than just sell pizza.

I figured out that families were my best bet when it comes to selling pizzas. I also knew that the young adult crowd liked to buy pizza. So, I decided to cater to both of these demographic groups then I would reach out everybody else. Pizza is a universal food that is enjoyed by everyone. However, defining a niche group is important because this is where the focus of my business is going to be.

Pizza Restaurant Deals

I started family meal deals and sold basic large pizzas for $5 a pie. I would sponsor a Friday night dance off for the young adult crowd (and families). The winner would get free pizzas and cash prizes. On Saturday afternoons and evenings I would have a pizza extravaganza where people could choose different types of pizza to consume. I slightly cut the prices on those nights to make people save a few dollars on their food. Over time all of these ideas worked.

My pizza shop is very popular and we do great business for living in a fairly large city with over a million people. I’m still struggling to get more clients but I now have a loyal customer base of at least 20,000 people that consistently buys my product. We are thinking about seriously expanding. Owning a pizza shop is no easy task. Buy hey, I’m a real entrepreneur and this is what I live for. If I can do it, you can too.

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